ICS-TPS Series Reservoirs

Central Reservoir Tanks & Pump Skids


Reservoir Specifications

-         Central glycol reservoir and pump package utilized for multiple chiller operation with common reservoir or for addition to slave chiller system.

-         Custom designed and built based on system flow requirements

-         Various reservoir capacity designs up to 1,600 gallons

-     Independent chiller evaporator pump circuits

-         Independent process supply pump circuits

-         Pumps integrated on reservoir skid package or optional field mount



Design Features

-         Insulated and jacketed for outdoor locations

-         Sealed tank, utilizing open / vented piping design for air elimination

-         Includes Low Level Control and sight-glass

-         Main System Control Panel to control chiller system and pump operation

o       Chiller system temperature controllers

o       Low Level interlock control for chillers and pumps

o       Single or multiple Process Supply Pump motor controls / fusing

o       Programmable Voltage Monitor for power failure protection

o       Multiple temp control sensor wells (future applications)



Optional Design Features

-         Reservoir capacities based on system application and requirements

-         Factory mounted pumps with service isolation valves

-         Field mounted pump application optional

-         Staged temp controls or independent temp controls for chillers

-         Future supply / return connections for pump circuits

-         NPT or grooved pipe for field connections

-         Un-insulated models for cooling tower system applications






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