ICS Chillers is an ETL Listed (ANSI-UL-1995 / CAN/CSA-C22.2) Industrial Packaged Chiller manufacturing company located in Milaca, MN. Our ability to design and build customized, packaged chillers for industrial manufacturing and process cooling applications is our primary means of business.

We pride ourselves in our ability to meet the exact design criteria and specifications required for today’s industrial cooling applications. Unlike most large manufacturing facilities, we will custom design and build a packaged chiller to meet your exact system specifications. We have put customer service at the forefront of the design phase, and we will work to insure a system that will meet your specific application.

We do not incorporate any specialized, proprietary, or OEM components in our ICS Chillers. We only utilize industry proven components that provide reliable operation and are extremely user friendly. In designing our packaged chillers, we do not take any short cuts that minimize protection and efficiency that would in turn risk customer production levels.

Our packaged chillers are just that – complete packaged chillers that include a system reservoir, as well as all of the required pumps and controls. There are no additional tanks, pumps, or controls to purchase, or field mounting and installations to be concerned with. Upon arrival at your facility, the chiller has been fully tested and is ready for operation.

Custom Design / Customer Specific

At ICS Chillers, we take great pride in working with, and most importantlylistening to the individual design specifications, concerns, and requests of each customer. We realize that each manufacturing process and application is different, and we will take the time to work with you to design and build a custom packaged chiller that is an exact fit for your industrial manufacturing requirements.

As opposed to large chiller manufacturing factories that balk at custom design and manufacturing changes, we welcome, and in fact encourage your individual requirements be specified so we can design the system that will work with you now, and in the future.