We design and build chillers for all types of industrial processing and manufacturing applications, including plastics, printing, plating, machining, and grinding, not to mention all types of food and medical applications. With the exception of explosion proof models, our chillers are utilized in all aspects of process cooling.

The primary focus and mission of ICS Chillers is our customer relationships and complete customer satisfaction. That satisfaction does not end with the sale and start up of a packaged chiller. Our goal is to maintain our relationship with each and every customer through all aspects of business. Whether it is preventative maintenance concerns or future expansion, we will be there to consult, advise, and service you throughout.


In working with our customers, we encourage input on not only the present requirements of the packaged chiller, but future requirements and system expansions as well. By designing and building the chillers based on an individual customer basis, we work with you to deliver a unit that will not only work for you today, but will be capable of possible changes in the future.


There is an obvious difference between Industrial and Commercial chiller applications. Rest assured, ICS Chillers is dedicated to industrial manufacturing applications in every aspect of the chiller design.

– Food Manufacturing and Processing            – Medical Manufacturing

– Pharmaceutical Manufacturing                    – Chemical Manufacturing / Processing

– Brewing and Distilling                                   – Environmental Control / DH Systems

– Anodizing and Plating                                    – CNC and Machining

– Plastics and Rubber Manufacturing              – Paper / Printing / Ink Processing