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Chiller System Glycol (cooling media)

Packaged Chillers are designed and built to utilize a specific type of cooling media (blended glycol) based on your application and project specifications. The specifications determine the type of glycol (Propylene or Ethylene), along with the blend ratio which is based on the glycol supply temperature as well as the winter ambient temperature.

Propylene Glycol: Food and Medical Applications

Dowfrost is our recommendation for chiller systems requiring a Propylene Glycol blend. Propylene Glycol is standard for chiller applications related to food or medical manufacturing due to its lower toxicity in the event of cross contamination. Dowfrost is produced as a clear fluid but we can add an FDA compliant BLUE dye to provide enhanced visual leak detection.

Dowfrost Technical Data

Dowfrost MSDS

Ethylene Glycol: General Use Applications

Dowtherm SR-1 is our recommendation for chiller systems requiring an Ethylene Glycol blend. Ethylene Glycol is standard for chiller applications unrelated to food or medical applications. Ethylene Glycol has a slightly higher heat transfer capability and lower cost than Propylene Glycol making it more desirable for customers and manufacturers alike. Dowtherm SR-1 has a factory added PINK color to proved enhanced visual leak detection.

Dowtherm Technical Data

Dowtherm MSDS

Glycol Blends: Dowfrost or Dowtherm

Our stock glycol blends include Pure (non-diluted), 50% and 30% but we can offer other blends to meet your needs. Our blended glycol is pre-diluted with Deionized Water to minimize the amount of particulates typically associated with well or city water. Once on site, the glycol can be added directly to the chiller system without concern for incorrect glycol concentrations which can have adverse affects on the chiller performance.

Glycol Quantity: Shipping Containers

Our standard shipping quantity is 55 gallons, shipped in either metal or plastic drums. We also offer glycol in 5 gallon containers, 275 gallon totes, or tank truck for quantities over 1,000 gallons (limited areas). We offer shipping nationwide no matter the location of your project site. Please contact us for additional details related to price, availability, and freight estimates.

A system charged with glycol should never be diluted or major unit damage may occur. Should the solution be diluted, the refrigerant evaporator may freeze and rupture contaminating the entire refrigeration system and therefore requiring unit replacement.

Dowfrost and Dowtherm have inhibitors added to prevent corrosion and bacteria growth. A minimal blend of glycol is recommended for all chiller applications regardless of temperatures as a form of cooling media treatment.

For safe chiller operation:

Do not operate a chiller system below 50 F without the use of glycol

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