ICS Chillers also offers a full range of industrial water cooled chiller packages. As with the air cooled chillers, each water cooled chiller is custom built to efficiently support your specific process cooling requirements. The industrial series water cooled chillers can accommodate a large range of process supply temperatures with the convenience of using existing cooled water systems and the flexibility of  installation locations. 

Each packaged water cooled chiller includes all required components to allow for easy adaptation to your systems. This includes a large volume glycol reservoir, all required system pumps, and operational controls. Once the chiller is on site, the installation is limited to connection of the main power (distribution block or optional service disconnect), the process cooling loop (supply and return lines), and the condenser fluid lines.

Please review the below specifications for general single unit system capabilities, however, we encourage you to contact us so that we can better understand your specific application and develop a custom packaged chiller to meet your needs. CONTACT

Individual Chiller Package Specifications

System Capacity

3 HP to 160 HP


208 V to 600 V


10 Gal to 1,000+ Gal

*Individual packaged chillers can be staged together for larger capacity requirements


Cooling Capacity

20 MBH to 1,920 MBH (1 Ton to 160 Tons)


50 or 60 Hz

Pump Capacities

10 GPM to 1,000+ GPM