ICS Chillers offers a full line of Industrial Air Cooled Condensing Units (ACCU). Theses condensing units are used in a broad range of applications including remote chiller evaporators, bulk tank cooling, and difficult make-up air control. ICS Chillers innovative design and reliability allows for complete customization of the ACCU's to accommodate your needs.

All of our ACCU's are designed for your specific application and include unloading capability, internal oil pumps, oil separators, accumulators, and receivers. The units also include all required refrigeration accessories such as solenoids, regulators, and expansion valves. With each ACCU order, ICS Chillers offers guidance with refrigerant line sizing and includes base piping schematics with the project submittals.

Please review the below specifications for general single unit system capabilities, however, we encourage you to contact us so that we can better understand your specific application and develop a custom condensing unit to meet your needs. CONTACT

Individual Condensing Unit Specifications

System Capacity

3 HP to 160 HP


208 V to 600 V


Remote Evaporator, Make-up Air, Dehumidifiers


Cooling Capacity

20 MBH to 1,920 MBH (1 Ton to 160 Tons)


50 or 60 Hz


All refrigeration accessories included