Quality and Reliability

ICS Chillers – Quality and Reliability



At ICS Chillers, we fully understand the expectations and demands put forth by our customers in the manufacturing industry. The quality and reliability of not only their production equipment, but also the support equipment is critical to making their business a profitable one.

A chiller is most certainly a critical piece of support equipment for any manufacturing process. In operating a chiller in conjunction with production equipment, manufacturers are able to maintain precise and consistent product, along with obtaining the ability to increase the speed of production.

We realize that if the chiller system utilized in your facility is not reliable, your production level, product quality, and bottom line profits are directly affected. The quality and reliability of a chiller system is the key to an efficient, profitable production facility; our industrial packaged chillers are built with this necessity at the forefront of the design stage.

In choosing an ICS Chiller, you will be selecting a unit designed for years of reliable, trouble-free operation. We offer a standard 2-year warranty on all parts, limited only by non-operating related failures or damage. We will not only be at your side through the design, manufacturing and sale phase of the chiller system, but we will also be there 24/7 for full customer service and support for many years beyond.